The House on Warrior Street

9 min readOct 31, 2023

An interactive story by Brad Foster, 2023 ©

Can you save your friend — and yourself — from the long-ago abandoned house on the corner of Warrior Street?

Baseball Field

Baseball field with curved back fence

At the crack of the bat, Drake’s treasured baseball sails out into the outfield. He watches it streak towards the abandoned house on the corner of Warrior Avenue, and sighs in relief when little Jimmy Conners catches it. Drake wanted to show his friends the baseball his father caught for him last summer, and now he regrets bringing it to their game. As his best friend, you know how important this baseball is to Drake.

As the sun begins to sink and give way to darkness, you all see Grayden Pollinksi and his cadre of teenaged punks saunter over to your group. Before you all can scatter, Grayden snatches the baseball from Drake’s hand. He grabs a bat and tosses the ball high into the air. He swings and the ball hurtles far over the outfield and seems to hover over the abandoned house, that no kid would ever dare enter, and then drops into the dilapitaded chimney.

“Hey, tough break, kid!”, Grayden sneers and flings the bat towards you, where you barely duck in time.

You see the terror take over your friend’s face, and he rushes towards the house. You want to holler at him to stop, but he’s gone…