*clink*clink*clink* Paaaaauuul Cooombs *clink*clink*clink* come out to plaaaaay!

Thanks for this list! I have seen some of these but not all. I have some of my own 70's suggestions, but please keep in mind - I have not watched them yet since I'm waiting to visit my friend and share these with him. He had bought me this documentary from IFC: "A Decade Under the Influence: The 70's films that changed everything". I ordered the following movies on the strength of this documentary!:

Joe (1970): Peter Boyle and Susan Sarandon

The Landlord (1970): Beau Bridges and Lee Grant

Scarecrow (1973): Gene Hackman and Al Pacino

The Last Detail (1973): Jack Nicholson, Carol Kane, and Randy Quiad

I was going to list a couple more, but they fall out of the 70s - "The Magic Christian" (1969) with Ringo Starr, and "Dreamscape" (Dennis Quiad and David Patrick Kelly - "Luther" in the Warriors) (1984)

This is what I do: I drink and I write things.

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